Bruadar Glasses"Bruadar" is the Scottish Gaelic word for "a dream". 

Once you taste this original Highland Liqueur, the name Bruadar will most certainly seem fitting.  There's no other drink quite like Bruadar, and we invite you to 'discover the dream'.

Bruadar is a perfect marriage of single malt Scotch whisky and honey, balanced with just the right amount of sloes.

At 22% there's still a warm aftertaste of single malt whisky, but the sharp edges have been smoothed over by the addition of honey. This taste sensation is rounded off by a welcome finale of sloes; to make Bruadar a liqueur of exceptionally attractive flavours. 

Bruadar is favourably compared with the other Scottish Liqueurs often with the comment that it is not as cloying or sticky.

Bottling BruadarThe fruity flavour of Sloe Berries combines perfectly with the honey and malt notes to create a Scottish alternative to Sloe Gin. 22% abv.

A superb liqueur for sipping at home.  Visit our online shop for details of our great Bruadar Giftpacks, which come with four large shot glasses. Perfect for an evening with friends. 

Bruadar is also perfect in a Hip Flask, and will make a great accompaniment to many outdoor persuits. 

Visit our online shop for details of our great Bruadar Giftpacks which come with a Bruadar branded stainless steel Hip Flask.  Bruadar single malt whisky liqueur - Great Outdoors.

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